Wholesaling Marketing: 6 Types Of Content To Use On Your Real Estate Blog

Real estate blogs continue to be one of the best wholesaling marketing tools available to investors. In fact, Social Media Today says that businesses that blog can realize up to 67% more leads. However, there can be a huge difference in the results and amounts of leads seen from this wholesaling marketing channel, often dependent on the content used.

A blog still often makes the heart of all wholesaling marketing efforts for real estate investors. It provides a core from which content can be repurposed cost effectively and which all other social media, online advertising and offline marketing can be directed to. In itself a blog can be greatly responsible for SEO and Google rankings of all web assets as well as branding and increasing lead generation and conversions.

However, a blog shouldn’t be bound by simple cookie cutter text posts. This is a part of it, but different prospects digest and respond to information in very different ways. Just as importantly search engines like Google love different types of content marketing and can handsomely reward those with more variety with higher rankings and preferential treatment when using PPC advertising tools like Google AdWords.

So what are some of the different types of content to use in this wholesaling marketing channel?

1. Podcasts

Many people no longer like to read, and many more people simply have a very tough time finding time to read. A podcast can ensure these prospects are still connected with by delivering content in audio which can be listened to on the go. Done right a podcast series can also help keep contacts coming back again and again.

2. Video

Google loves YouTube and video and has made no secret of the fact it likes it when it comes to search engine rankings. Younger generations also often prefer video to any other type of content making it a critical addition for connecting with younger sellers, home buyers and investors.

3. Short Blog Posts

A lot of noise has been made about long form content and delivering lots of value recently. However, short blog posts can be more engaging and easier to consume for readers too. This could increase repeat visits and sharing which is equally as important as everything else.

4. In Depth Articles

The blogosphere has been on a mad rush to create 2,000 word plus articles recently due to changes at Google. They may definitely help rankings, but may not always be the most effective for funneling leads through to action.

5. Photos

The visuals on a blog or real estate wholesaling website instantly say volumes about the company. Does yours say you are simply another carbon copy of 10,000 others out there or do you stand out as fresh, original and interesting?

6. Infographics

Infographics are a great way to combine text and images to get the point across quickly and gain shares.

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